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Click here to view the University of Adelaide’s specific report."Every great act needs that special it factor, that "it" factor is sex appeal! "Don't miss some of the sexiest artists in the world performing the hottest magic, music and comedy that will have you begging for more.In contrast, older adults aged 45 years and over made up a smaller proportion of the population in capital cities (37%) than in the rest of Australia (45%).The population pyramid also highlights differences between the sexes.The Statistical Areas Level 2 (SA2s) with the highest median ages were Tea Gardens - Hawks Nest (61.6 years) and Tuncurry (60.7) in New South Wales, Bribie Island (59.0) in Queensland and Sussex Inlet - Berrara (58.9) on the New South Wales south coast.These areas are all popular retirement destinations.Hobart had the oldest median age of all capital cities, at 39.7 years, ahead of Adelaide at 38.6 years.

Darwin was the only capital city where males outnumbered females.

The following graph (called a 'population pyramid') compares the age/sex structure of the population residing in greater capital cities with the population residing in the rest of Australia.

Each dark bar illustrates the percentage contribution of a sex and five-year age group to the total population of capital cities, while each light bar illustrates the percentage contribution to the rest of Australia's population.

At June 2016, there were 187,100 more females than males residing in Australia, with 12.01 million males and 12.20 million females.

The sex ratio (the number of males per hundred females) was 98.5.We have a prime position on the corner of East Terrace and Rundle Street, across from the Garden and adjoining the Fringe Club.