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02-May-2019 23:19

— Despite not really having any character development, somehow, it is still an awesome game, you “write” your own story, and decide who your “princess” is.

It gives you great freedom of choice on unprecedented levels.

I recommend checking them out, they’re still great games, but I found myself constantly comparing them to Princess Maker, and found them to be inferior to it in every way (art, story, number of activities, number of endings, variety of things to do, etc.) – That is not to say they are bad games – I own them all and love them – but they are no Princess Maker.

Anyways, Princess Maker 2 is a great game – as are all the other games in the series which I have supported and purchased despite not being able to understand them.

Princess Maker 2’s translation was mostly complete – 99.99999% when their licensing agreement fell through and also the game met tough criticism (by American media and press outlets) from people that viewed it as too pedophiliac in nature despite there being absolutely no sex scenes in this game.

The smaller sprites you see in training are detailed and animated. There are other games from the 90s which look way better than this, so it’s not just that it’s “old” either. She grows and evolves into a supposedly beautiful woman – but the art style kinda misses the mark there for me – but still – adorable adorable little game.There’s even a (relatively) new mobile game – in Korean language which I play on Bluestacks (an android simulator).

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