Army officer dating example of radiometric dating

07-Apr-2019 04:15

My sister has been speaking with a guy who is in the army and is apparently a sargent.

He has been telling her that he will be coming to see her when he can get a leave.

Al Franken (D – Minnesota) of groping her during a 2003 USO tour, the fifth woman to claim that the former “SNL” star behaven inappropriately.

He kept his hand all the way over on my breast,” Kemplin told CNN.

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* I would like to say a special thank you to Jessica for helping me to update this list including adding how some are actually said (A-Fees instead of A-A-F-E-S). * A AAFES (A-Fees): Army, Air Force Exchange System AAM: Army Achievement Medal AAR: After Action Review ABT: Annual Battle Training ACAP (A-cap): Army Career and Alumni Program ACS: Army Community Service ACU: Army Combat Uniform AD: Active Duty AER: Army Emergency Relief AFAP: Army Family Action Plan AFN: Armed/American Forces Network AFTB: Army Family Team Building AG: Adjutant General AGR: Active Guard Reserve AIT: Advanced Individual Training AKO: Army Knowledge Online AMMO: Ammunition ANCOC (A-knock): Advanced Noncommissioned Officers’ Course AO: Area of Operations APC: Armored Personnel Carrier APDES: Army Physical Disability Evaluation System APFT: Army Physical Fitness Test APO: Army Post Office AR: Army Reserves ARCOM (Are-com): Army Commendation Medal ARNG: Army National Guard ARTEP: Army Training Evaluation Program ASAP (A-sap): As soon as possible, also Army Substance Abuse Program AUSA: Association of the United States Army AVN: Aviation AWOL (A-wall): Absent Without Leave B BAH: Basic Allowance for Housing BAS: Basic Allowance for Subsistence (food allowance) BC: Bradley Commander or Battalion Commander or Brigade Commander BCT: Basic Combat Training or Brigade Combat Team BDE: Brigade BDU: Battle Dress Uniform BEQ: Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (for NCOs) BN: Battalion BNCOC (B-knock): Basic Noncommissioned Officers’ Course BOQ: Bachelor Officers Quarters BSM: Bronze Star Medal BX: Base Exchange (AF) – Army refers to it as PX (Post Exchange) C CAB: Combat Action Badge CASCOM: Combined Arms Support Command CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive CCMRF CBRNE: Consequence Management Response Force (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive) CDC: Child Development Center CDS: Child Development Services CFC: Combined Federal Campaign CG: Commanding General CHAMPUS: Civilian Health and Medical Program for the Uniformed Services CHPPM (Chip-um): Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine CIB: Combat Infantry Badge CID: Criminal Investigation Division (Army’s FBI) CINC: Commander In Chief CLT: Casualty Liaison Team CMB: Combat Field Medical Badge CO: Commanding Officer COA: Course of Actions or Certificate of Appreciation/Achievement COB: Close of Business COC: Chain of Command COE: Center of Excellence COL: Colonel COLA (Cola, like the drink): Cost of Living Allowance CONUS (cone-us): Continental United States CP: Command Post CPL: Corporal (E-4 pay with leadership, like a NCO) CPO: Civilian Personnel Office CPX: Command Post Exercise CQ: Charge of Quarters (duty after regular hours) CSA: Chief of Staff Army CSM: Command Sergeant Major CYS: Community Youth Services D DA: Department of the Army DAC (Dak): Department of the Army Civilian DC: Dental Corp DCINC (d-sink): Deputy Commander-in-Chief DCU: Desert Combat Uniform De CA: Defense Commissary Agency DEERS (deers, like the animal): Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System DENTAC: US Army Dental Activity DEP(dep): Delayed Entry Program DEROS (d-ros): Date of Estimated Return from Overseas DF: Disposition Form (sometimes referred to as a “buck slip”) DFAC (D-Fac): Dining Facility DFAS: (d-fas) Defense Finance and Accounting System DI: Drill Instructor DISCOM (dis-com): Divisional Support Command DITY (Ditty): Do It Yourself Move DIVARTY (div-r-t): Division Artillery; FA units of a division DLA: Dislocation allowance DOB: Date of birth DOD (Dod): Department of Defense DODDS (Dods): Department of Defense Dependants Schools DODEA: Department of Defense Education Activity DOR: Date of Rank DOS: Date of Separation DS: Drill Sergeant DSN: Defense Switched Network DTP: Delayed Training Program DZ: Drop Zone E EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity EER: Enlisted Evaluation Report EFMB: Expert Field Medical Badge EFMP: Exceptional Family Member Program EIB: Expert Infantry Badge EN: Enlisted EO: Equal Opportunity EOD: Explosive Ordinance Disposal ERB: Enlisted Record Brief ESC: Enlisted Spouses Club ESGR: Employer Support of Guard and Reserve ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival ETS: Estimated Time of Separation EWC: Enlisted Wives Club F FA: Field Artillery FAC: Family Assistance Center FCP: Family Care Plan FLO: Family Liaison Office FOB (Fob): Forward Operating Base FORSCOM (For’s-com): Forces Command FRG: Family Readiness Group FRO: Family Readiness Officer FRSA: Family Readiness Senior Advisor FSA: Family Separation Allowance FTX: Field Training Exercise G GCM: Good Conduct Medal GI: Government Issue GO: General Officer GS: General Schedule GWOT-E: Global War On Terror-Expeditionary medal GWOT-S: Global War On Terror-Service medal H HH6: House Hold Six (refers to spouse at home who stands “behind” their soldier) HHB: Headquarters and Headquarters Battery HHC: Headquarters and Headquarters Company HHG: Household Goods HHT: Headquarters and Headquarters Troop HOR: Home of Record HQ: Headquarters HRAP (h-rap): Health Risk Appraisal Program HS: Home Station HTRAP (h-rap): Hometown Recruiting Assistance Program HUMMER: Highly Mobile, Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, a.k.a. ) Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in 2003.

Here are some more signs you’re involved in a dating scam. He should also be willing to tell you where he is, where he is stationed, where you would both live after getting married, etc. Has he given you an AKO email address (his name @ mil)? And if he asks you for money, you should cut off contact with him. I have been chatting with a man who said he is in the Army and is in Iraq.

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