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14-Mar-2019 00:38

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As you can see, the event handler creates a Date Time stamp 1/2 second from when the event is fired.

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This download also is on Microsoft s AJAX site (these controls are open source, so you can download them directly from Code Plex: Releases.aspx? You can download the controls with or without the source code, but if you are planning to build your own controls, want to contribute to the project, or just want to poke around the code, the source code version is valuable. To install the toolkit you must first unzip the files to any file directory of your choosing.After the .5 second delay is completed, we get a random image name from the Random Image Name() method.We then set the text of the image caption to be the name of the new image file. We then limit the random integer to be a number between 1 and 5, since we are only working with 6 images in the slideshow. Also confirm that the viewstate of the grid/the page on which it resides is enabled.

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Best regards, Sebastian the Telerik team Hi Sebastian, I made the suggested changes and it works now. Last question: When an Update Command Event occurs, I update the DB with the changed values, but after that, the grid Hi Mike, If you implement upates/inserts for the grid instance using one the approaches for data extraction presented below: verify that the underlying source is modified, the control should reflect the changes made. NET AJAX (formerly code-named Atlas ) and really like the cool stuff implemented in the ASP. I ve been able to create a new AJAX Web site and play with the AJAX Control Toolkit sample Web site, but how can I incorporate these tools into my current ASP. But because most sample applications are built using clean, from-the-ground-up implementations, it can be challenging to include these new features in your current application. This adds a new set of project templates and new Toolbox controls accessible to Web site projects in Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer (see Figure 2). I chose to name my tab AJAX Toolkit (see Figure 3). Your choice will depend on the amount of information currently stored in the web.config. If your web.config has very few settings, such as connection strings and other application settings, you can use the sample web.config file that comes with the ASP. Merging your existing configuration settings into the toolkit s configuration file takes a mere three steps: The second option is to manually add the required configuration settings.

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