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But suffice it to say that the Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, shop, drive, travel, get our news and, increasingly, the way we learn and teach.It’s still a very young medium so there is a lot more growth ahead.Mostly positive but kids still need guidance Most people who go online have mainly positive experiences.But, like any endeavor — attending school, cooking, riding a bicycle, or traveling — there are some risks and annoyances.How adults supervise young people should always be based not only on their chronological age, but on their judgment and emotional maturity.Of course, not all children are equally at risk online or offline and there will always be some who need an extraordinary amount of attention and intervention.This guide is designed to help parents, educators, other caregivers and policy makers gain an understanding as to how to best “protect” children on fixed and mobile network platforms.What we’ve learned and what’s changed in 20 years Unlike the first 1993 edition of the guide, this version is based not only on 20 more years experience, but the latest research into how youth are using the Net, what works, and what are — and aren’t — likely risks.

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Whether it’s exchanging text messages or email, accessing websites, using apps or participating in social media, the Net is now part of most people’s everyday lives. In fact, they are more likely to be online than many adults.

One thing we have learned in the last 20 years is that many young people — certainly most teens — are pretty savvy about how they use the Net, though all of us can use some reminders now and then.

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