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Cohabitation appears not to be helpful and may be harmful as a try-out for marriage.There is no evidence that if you decide to cohabit before marriage you will have a stronger marriage than those who don't live together, and some evidence to suggest that if you live together before marriage, you are more likely to break up after marriage. Be aware of the dangers of multiple living together experiences, both for your own sense of well-being and for your chances of establishing a strong lifelong partnership.Cohabitation is probably least harmful (though not necessarily helpful) when it is prenuptial - when both partners are definitely planning to marry, have formally announced their engagement and have picked a wedding date. Contrary to popular wisdom, you do not learn to have better relationships from multiple failed cohabiting relationships.In fact, multiple cohabiting is a strong predictor of the failure of future relationships. Limit cohabitation to the shortest possible period of time. Children need and should have parents who are committed to staying together over the long term.Today, the old view of cohabitation seems yet another example of the repressive Victorian norms. "Modern Sweden: The Declining Importance of Marriage." Scandinavian Review August 19-89.The new view is that cohabitation represents a more progressive approach to intimate relationships. The marriage rate in the United States is two and a half times the Swedish rate.

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Couples who live together can share expenses and learn more about each other.The longer you live together with a partner, the more likely it is that the low-commitment ethic of cohabitation will take hold, the opposite of what is required for a successful marriage. Cohabiting parents break up at a much higher rate than married parents and the effects of breakup can be devastating and often long lasting.Moreover, children living in cohabiting unions are at higher risk of sexual abuse and physical violence, including lethal violence, than are children living with married parents. What Young Adults Need to Know about Cohabitation before Marriage A Comprehensive Review of Recent Research Living together before marriage is one of America's most significant and unexpected family trends.Women who provided sexual and housekeeping services to a man without the benefits of marriage were regarded as fools at best and morally loose at worst.

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A double standard existed, but cohabiting men were certainly not regarded with approbation.Specifically, the research indicates that: · Living together before marriage increases the risk of breaking up after marriage.

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