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One day, he ended up running to Hopkinton, MA – start of the Boston Marathon. When Harvey is not running around Boston he is giving a marathon tour of Boston history for the Boston Duck Tours! Professor Vaughn Von Trivia (“Von Von” to his friends) is the Chairman of the Department of Trivial Studies at the University of Glockenspiel.

He is a direct descendant of the Von Quacksburg dynasty, which lost the Empire to the Hapsburgs (in a trivia contest! He is now on sabbatical here in Boston, giving tours and promoting his most important work “The Pursuit of Trivial Significance” (which has sold dozens of copies). So he’s hung up his boots and picked up a microphone as the undisputed featherweight champion of history.

From tricycles to monster trucks, The Wheelman has never won a race.

His passion for motor sports led him to Boston, home of the nation’s very first license plates and automobiles.

Eager to be a part of Boston’s bustling political scene, Mr.

As a professional time traveler, Justine visits the past to obtain small everyday item artifacts for museums and writes first person accounts on historic eras and events. Rory Borealis began his career as an elf in Santa’s Workshop- but had his sights set on a more cosmopolitan way of life.

The job is perfect for him as it has less “tach” and more “quack”.

Old Quack Donald – a.k.a – ‘Very Old’ Quack Donald. I’ve been known not to be your average tour guide, but a great common-tater.

Now she goes in circles around the city instead of the rink while she waits for the Charles to freeze hard enough for skating “Harvey Heartbreak” is the youngest child of 18 brothers and sisters from South Boston, Massachusetts. I just wanted to plunder enemy ships in search of treasure to help finance the American Revolution. Betty needed some cheering up, and decided to hop on a Duck Tour.

A family with a love of history and hand me downs, Harvey got his start in distance running while having to outrun all of this older siblings. She realized she had a knack for history rather than spelling words and decided to stick around for a while!

In his years as a card shark, Duck has learned when to hold ‘em, when to molt ‘em, when to waddle away, and when to “Quack”!

Eavesdropping, a group of young boys find out about the dire situation and decide to steal the cattle so the ritual can continue. That's what they call what is left over from circumcision, schmuck.… continue reading »

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