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12-Jul-2019 10:06

Our church embraced very conservative theology over relationships, and because of this the ladies in our church embraced it, so needless to say my chances with these girls were limited to none unless I was willing to say I was courting to marry them on the first date which I refused to do. We need to have a balanced perspective on setting goals to pursuing relationships.

Luckily the girls at our church were not made to wear old woman garb and cover their heads without any sign of makeup – that was my good friend's church. I will start out by saying that the vast majority of the church has over reacted to the worldliness of secular dating and has put up such stringent rules for getting into a relationship that singles often get stuck.

We need to desire inter dependent loving sacrificing relationship.

One is based on our human desire, one is based on God's spiritual desire.

You will need advice, help, counsel, and friendships that are role models, but you need to avoid controlling relationships.

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You have to have your own mind about this process of relationships.I believe youth have different restrictions based on their parents relationship with them then these blogs address.