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I have always wanted a cast and was pretty bummed out that I ended up in a boot.So now I have chronic ankle pain and I rec cast and it feels good to have ankle support:) SUGARFUT" - Here's a small gallery of the selfies that Jessica took on the shoot and then texted me afterward. - This is a special pictures-only set from yesterday.She's wearing panties, a baggy t-shirt, no-makeup, and glasses.She poses on the couch with her LAC, pulling up her shirt and being a tease.(KRQE/File Photo) flashing emergency lights; abstract " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="

I told my friend Peggy about my plaster passion and she was interested instantly in that topic.Check out this sexy lady talk about her cast as only who knows how sexy it is to men can!-- and then listen to her *really* tease you personally to climax with her cast! Kelly Term SLC Smokin Toes, Crutching To the Office, Ciggy Break and Sexy Casted Foot Show Sexy Kelly crutches into her office with her broken leg but it's too difficult to keep her mind on her work with her broken leg and cold exposed toes hanging out of her cast.So she decides to take a smoking break and opens the window to air the office out.

Looking outside though she is reminded that she will be crutching around on one good heel with her icy toes hanging out of her cast in not too long a time, (and the camera shows them off).She hams it up with the statue putting her cast leg up on its lap, then sitting on its lap herself.