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But Achan coveted, and as a result, he and his whole family (not to mention his animals) were executed by the community on orders coming straight from the top.

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They often attempt to use contradictions in the text in their favor.

The response of the allied Israelite tribes, as instructed and affirmed by Yahweh, was to utterly wipe out the tribe of Benjamin for the crimes of a few men.

They attacked the Benjamite soldiers, a small number of whom escaped from the battle.

This message is stated most clearly in chapter 5 when Joshua encounters an angel who identifies himself as the commander of Yahweh’s army.

Joshua asks the angel if he is on Israel’s side, or the side of the Canaanites.Well, if it was not extreme then the stories of Rahab (Josh. 7), whose story the tale of Jericho introduces, would not work.

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