Dating an older guy pros and cons

23-Apr-2019 00:00

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Obviously, they have spent more time on this earth than we have.But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're smarter than you.When there is a big age gap, you can run into trouble with friends and family, both yours and his.

At times you'll literally feel like your on speed compared to him.

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Not like your Dad's age or a few months older, but 26 and up really.

There's no doubt that older have the suss when it comes to your puss which will leave you forgetting about the all cons. An older guy will always let you know where you stand.

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Older parents who have their own children, on the other hand, may not want to take on a step-parenting role due to lifestyle preferences or a preoccupation with parenting their own biological youngsters.This is a really annoying con, it seems like he's been and done everything dating wise, so it's hard to do anything new with this guy.