Dating control freak man

21-Jan-2019 22:00

As for controlling behaviors, there are many and it is indeed a difficult situation to find oneself in.It is why I think a slow steady pace in building a relationship is a good idea. they can take away everthing that was good about you .......Controlling men, if allowed, will control every aspect of your life. After a while a woman learns that it's easier for her to just keep quiet. If you finally sit down and confront the controlling man he acts as if he doesn't know what you are talking about.In fact, most controlling men never will admit to being control freaks.

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If u are in that situation dont just walk away run. I have to say,that pressing and control is the only way to keep the partner in his or her hands,when a partner isnt perfect himself.

He/she is afraid of losing a good and creative partner,who has social life,friends,interests.

Lasy,stupid,helpless losers all are agressive controlers. My ex-husband controled me even in toilet,when i had a smoke, and opened the door of my classroom,when i was giving a lesson. First,make them to respect you,if not ,let them go out. Not all men are control freaks as some have already stated, just as not all women are... Fear of losing the partner turns many to be freaks.

These situations happen,when people are of different levels. Doesn't matter what gender you are as this is a behavioural issue of an insecure trait that comes from being human and not male or female. Again it’s true that divorces, broken relations are on rise every where. Probably, it is a by product of the Hi-tech and easy communication. Among my married male friends, I found both the parties, asking and answering, "where, why, when and how".

Top article though and has ppl wanting to express themselves in many ways good, bad or indifferent..up the great dialogue ppl and express, express, express kind regardsmariespoodles I found your article informative and very educational. it doesn't happen over night; many people love playing the victim role but they constantly choose the same bad relationship over and over. There are too many options, so lots of confusions and finally many breakages alongside many successes. I would have to agree with the guys statements about women control freaks, there are just as many of them as there are men.

By then you are "hooked" and they believe that they have you exactly where they want you.

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