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14-May-2019 13:43

Thereafter, we watch as the Tribune wearily heads to Calvary… As Clavius and his men search for clues, there begins a race to find the body.

From then on the film moves from a standard Biblical epic to more of a crime scene investigation. Raids are carried out on those suspected of having played a part in the body’s disappearance.

Frankly, this delightful film carries within it such a charmingly mature, old-world take on love, lust, and romance, that it's hard to believe that its plot effectively hinges on a seemingly shady online dating site that gets a girl (Parvathy) and a guy (Irrfan) to meet in the first place.

If anything, Irrfan's dopey-eyed, curly, oily haired, middle-aged Vyogi, in track pants, appears far too creepy to score even a conversation on a first date in a casual coffee shop scene (the double L in this film's title, for lack of an explanation, probably stands for two lattes).

The latter has lost all patience with religious sectarianism, wondering why the Jews can’t take a more pragmatic view of divinity and like the Romans have many gods.

We meet a Roman Tribune, Clavius (played by Joseph Fiennes), wandering in the Judean Desert. Clavius meets with Pilate, the Province’s irritable Governor.

There is, for example, an explicit reference to the Shroud of Turin.

Taken as evidence by the Roman soldiers searching for the truth that ‘something’ has occurred.

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There is talk of ‘sightings’, all of which makes no sense to those investigating.

Arriving back in Jerusalem from fighting Zealots, we find him commanding a Roman garrison under pressure from many sides in the seemingly endless religious arguments of the city’s Jews.

Nevertheless, the Governor is still haunted by the encounter with the man, known as ‘the Nazarene’, and whom he has just sent to his death at the behest of a baying mob. Inevitably the already exasperated Governor is even more annoyed with what subsequently happens, for, despite the tribune’s best efforts in sealing and securing the tomb, the body has indeed gone missing.

That said this latest Biblical epic lacks the deeper spirituality of either of the aforementioned films.

Styling itself as a thriller, , followed a similar trajectory but did so with much more tension and panache.Why is it so much easier to play the more morally suspect characters on screen than the virtuous?