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To compete, schools have to add this surprise factor. Good chapters are adapting to offer even more, average chapters are having to make the decision to adapt or die, and poor chapters are becoming an afterthought.

I don't know if I've been to a college/university in the past few years that hasn't had new resident halls being built or enhanced. Starbucks realizes that many companies focus too much on the basic ingredients and not enough on adding that extra something that differentiates them from their competition.

"Historical Marker to be Erected" Bertram Enterprise (undated)10.

Highlander, 8 July 1976, "Boyhood Days in Burnet Backwaters -- A Journey to Smithwick and Travis Peak", by Betty Mac Nabb, with pictures of Miss Minnie Hensel, one time postmistress at Travis Peak, and of the Travis Peak school.7. "South Gabriel Historical Marker Dedicated in Oatmeal" The Highlander 9. Rosa Wolff, Phil Davis, Garrett Wilkinson, Guthrie Taylor house, Cowan house.

Briggs School 1920-1921 Grades 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th with Mrs. Souvenir of Taylor’s Gin School dated 1898 listing directors of the school and pupils, including children of the following families: West, Huggins, Draper, Drake, Juby, Russell, Snow, Kirk, Butler, Davis, Dunlop, Horn, Hall, Harton, Taylor Griffin, Washburn, Williams, Baker, Pulliam, Poor, Landrum, Beechem, De Wolf, Nichols, Tubbs, Kirk, Shell, Butler, Dillingham, Patterson, Raynie, and Goodloe1. Bertram -- undated: "Memories of Old South Gabriel" compiled by Garrett and Fern Wilkinson.

4 photocopies of a picture of the Oak Hill School in 1917, shown are Thomas Crow, Robert Reed, Brown Reed, Susie Kleen, Russell Keele, Kate Warden, Denver Greer, Zella Keele, Alice Reed, Arnold Warden, Hazle Johnston, Myrtle Warden, Vernon Mc Allister, Selma Greer, Nora Craddock, Clint Keele, Helen Johnston, Mary Ellen Gainer, Clyde Keele, Ira, Kleen, Clements Wyatt, Tom Mc Allester, and Jim Crow.12. Skaggs as teacher including children from the following families: Fortner, Baker, Caskey, West, Hall, Smith, Asher, Dillingham, Fraley, Champlin, Horn, Lee, Williams, Melton, Grisham, Nichols, Wright, Mc Cormick, Pulliam, and Faith14. "How South Gabriel lost out to Bertram in railroad battle" by Rachel Bryson; The Picayune 11.

"Roper Hotel goes to Gunns, Landmark due renovation" unknown newspaper dated 6. Canby, Jr., Senior Director, Division of School Financial Audits, detailing the disclosures and recommendations of TEA referred to local law enforcement officials.4. Seiman, Mack Carter, Alfred Frasier, Kenneth Cantwell, Gus E. Sellers, Roy Lee Bowman, Gina Shifflett Ronhaar, Jamie Bible Burnam, Johnette Shaffer Fisher, and Geraldine La Forge Williamson.11. , Pearl Mobley, Emmett Mobley, Johnnie Hicks, Theadore Hicks, Muggins Moreland, Salem Mc Lean and Frank Moreland (including marriage note about Robert Alexander, son of Samuel , and Lucinda Mc Farland in 1851, see original)5. CD with scanned picture filed in Photo Archive Box. When Noah Smithwick and family left for California at the beginning of the Civil War they left the big iron pot hanging in the fireplace where it remained undisturbed 100 years.

"Historic Hotel Goes on Sale" The Highlander 24 June 19767. "Historic Hotel to Get A New Lease On Life" with picture of Donald Gunn and son, Jeremy; unknown newspaper, unknown date9. The Picayune ; BCISD Supertendent Keith Mc Burnett attended a Burnet County Historical Society unveilingof a historical marker of the Red Brick School. The Highlander, ; photo of MF High School Class of 1949 who came to homecoming in 1983. Letter and scanned photo of Shady Grove School group 1930s, contributed by Candice Clark Allmand, 2006. Correspondence between Susan Ingalls and Lucille Craddock about the source of the name of Scobee in Burnet County in 1895. Ingalls contact Southern Pacific Railroad in Houston.

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Letter, 24 March 1999, from Texas Education Agency, to Burnet CISD, with attached preliminary investigative report from Thomas D. (Iva Wall) Fuller” Photo #2, “Smithwick’s fireplace.

Fox, Christian Dorbandt's saloon, Will Vaughn, Mrs.

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