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With a 15 mm lens, for instance, you need only shoot 12 photos to complete the 360° with a 24 mm lens, you have to take 18 shots, and so on.Special VR tripod heads are available to ease VR shooting. For one thing, rather than just a single position as in standard VRs, you have multiple positions, because you have to photograph the object from multiple angles, all the way around it.A: The NOVA Player is an interactive broadband media player that offers an automatically updated menu of NOVA features, including previews of upcoming shows, podcasts, and complete episodes from the archive. It's currently running as a pilot collaboration between the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, eight public television stations around the country, and the producers of NOVA at WGBH Boston. A: If you've confirmed you have Quick Time version 6.1 or higher installed on your computer, please contact us via the feedback form, letting us know as much as you can about your Quick Time version, operating system type and version, and Web browser type and version (if you were trying to view the NOVA Player embedded in a Web page), as well as details of what happened when you tried to access the player.Some stations will distribute it as a file to its members while others will embed it directly on their Web site. A: You need a broadband internet connection and Quick Time version 6.1 or higher. Q: Can I get a copy of the NOVA Player for my local public television station Web site?

Look for a "To Print" link in the small text links at the bottom of the page in question.Q: The Windows Media Player logo appears when I try to play a Quick Time movie, but the movie never plays. A: Your computer system is configured to try to play Quick Time files in Windows Media Player instead of in Quick Time.