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We’ll focus on the events that relate to editing and updating data, as our next goal will be to allow users to edit employee details in the buttons.

These features are fairly amazing, because you can achieve this “edit mode” without writing any HTML at all: the columns know how to render their editable modes by themselves.

I'm saving the "#ffffffff" as the string version of the color in the database.

To bind to the colorpicker I do this in the grid's Item Bound event: I beat my head against the wall on this one as well, but with the Details View object.

controls effectively, we need to know how to handle their events.

In this section, we’ll learn about the events raised by these controls.

When the data changes in the Details View, we want to trigger the Grid View to refresh. There are dollar signs separating the control hierarchy. Net engine to navigate the DOM tree and find the required element.

The “ed” events, on the other hand, should perform the actual task of the button.

We saw such an event handler when we handled the Protected Sub grid_Selected Index Changing(By Val sender As Object, ➥ By Val e As Grid View Select Event Args) ➥ Handles grid.

Using these controls can provide development efficiency when you are building business applications that rely heavily on data. A data source can be a relational database, data stored inside of in-memory objects (such as a Data Set or an Entity Data Model), XML-based data, or data you retrieve via Microsoft Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).

The second lesson in this chapter demonstrates how you can bind to data to allow users to interact with it.Best wishes, Svetlina the Telerik team Hi Svetlina, I have updated an existing service ticket with these details, but for benefit of the forum, here is cut-and-paste code that shows the problem. If you change the templated binding line below from this Hi Jim, Thank you for provided code and for clarifying your scenario.