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Even though actual tools have not been discovered, it seems unlikely that a relatively slow-moving terrestrial biped lacking defensively enlarged canine teeth could have survived without them.

Prehuman bipeds predated stone tools, which appeared approximately 2.5 million years ago.

This is the arena in which the survival of the human species is played out.

The occupants of the cultural ecological niche impose a series of selective pressures on each other as they use language and other aspects of culture to their advantage.

In his work on biology, he avoided the effort to treat biological entities by the use of rigid formal logic, and, though he made some inevitable errors in fact, his pragmatic approach has served as a model for biological observation ever since.

From long before the time of the ancient Greeks, human beings were generally recognized as members of the animal world.

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It is much less easy, however, to tell such things as whether or not the prehistoric creatures in question had lost their fur coatings yet or whether they had developed the capacity for articulate speech.

This led one scientific journalist to refer to humans as "the third chimpanzee." Despite all that is held in common, however, the differences are crucial and allow humans to be allotted their own genus and species, Homo sapiens.

Human feet have lost their grasping capabilities and clearly reflect the fact that humans are characteristically bipedal while chimpanzees and all of their other relatives are characteristically quadrupedal as well as being more clearly adapted to tree-climbing as part of their normal way of life.

That body of verbally transmitted learning and traditions is referred to as culture.

Humans live in a culturally conditioned world to such an extent that it can be referred to as a cultural ecological niche.

Stone tools, however, do not dissolve and disappear the way bones often do.

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