Dns slave server not updating who is grady sizemore dating

21-Mar-2019 08:56

The crucial difference is where the server gets its data.A primary master name server reads its data from zone data files.If the slave's serial number for the zone is lower than the master server's, the slave's zone data is out of date.In this case, the slave pulls a new copy of the zone.If there is a backup copy, the slave server reads it on startup and later checks with the master server to see if the master server has a newer copy instead of loading a new copy of the zone immediately.If the master server has a newer copy, the slave pulls it over and saves it in the backup file. Suppose the master name server is down when the slave starts up.Two name servers are the minimum -- if you have only one name server and it goes down, no one can look up domain names.

How does a file tells the name server whether it is the primary master or a slave on a per-zone basis.We chose to start our serial number at 1, a logical place to start.

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