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09-Jul-2019 12:36

This feature will help inform and engage your entire community and is the ultimate compliment for your chatbox and chat room for website.

Check out features and scouring the web with first-hand user experiences, top B2B authority Finances Online commended our communications platform with an 8.5/10 score and a 95% user satisfaction rating.

However, it can take up to 72 hours for a changed record to propagate through the DNS system.

If you’re having trouble adding DNS records, see Troubleshoot issues after changing your domain name or DNS records.

Chatwing’s latest feature is a game changer in the chat software industry. Joomla Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration can be enabled directly from your chatwing dashboard.

Now YOU can set the number of users allowed in your chat: You want to allow only 22 users in your chat? Under the PLUGIN section, generate Note: Joomla Chatwing integration is supported across all Chatwing powered chat and app services.

This course will enable the student to understand the role and the function that DNS plays in the internet.

The purpose of this video is to familiarize you with the various components of the DNS console manager.

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Ban User: The Ban/Block user icon prompts the admin and moderators to ban a user in real-time and set the amount of time they will be banned for.

Yes, the number of different users flagging a message certainly plays a role but it is not the only relevant indicator Chatwing algorithms use, the type of user flagging along with over 75 other indicators always factor in to actions on a flagged message.