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The glass must be carefully formulated so as to provide an adequate intensity of color while being physically compatible with the vessel glass.

Compatibility means that, when the vessel is cooled after the enamel is fired, the enamel must decrease in volume at about the same rate and to about the same degree as the glass to which it has been fused, or they will crack apart.

It successfully combines one of humankind’s oldest creative urges (the desire to draw on things) with one of the most advanced technologies of the ancient world (glassmaking).

Today, essentially the same process continues to be widely used for the creation of permanent decoration on the surface of objects ranging from bottles produced by machines to original works of art fashioned by celebrated studio glass artists.

The following classifications are based on the firing temperature of the enamel in comparison with the temperature at which the vessel might begin to become distorted under its own weight. For firing, these enamels require exposure to such a high temperature for such an extended period that without some intervention on the part of the glassworker, the vessel would begin to collapse under its own weight.The low-fire method (graph A) is by far the easier of the two kiln-firing methods.