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So while these verses are often used to defend male-only leadership, current scholarship suggests that the passage is anything BUT clear on the issue.

You’ve heard the real estate expression about property values, right? Since the Bible is made up of a variety of genres (law, history, poetry and wisdom literature, prophetic messages, gospel accounts, letters), to interpret it correctly, we have to think about “context, context, context” .

It is likely that most women in the Ephesian church had limited training in Christian theology and that their interest in false doctrine was proving to be dangerous.

There is no evidence in the text that Paul was writing to establish a permanent restriction on all women for all time.

This unusual Greek verb is found only once in scripture and rarely in extrabiblical texts, where it is usually associated with aggression.

Authentein is translated as “domineer” in the Latin Vulgate and New English Bible and as “usurp authority” in the Geneva and King James Bibles.

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The most problematic issue is the rendering of the verb authentein as authority.It was a beautiful depiction of the body of Christ working together.Except that in the space above the stairway the group had drawn a bomb falling with the caption “1 Timothy ”.Typically, what happens in a discussion is that the person who holds the hierarchical or complementarian view says something like, “Say what you want, but 1 Timothy makes it clear that women cannot be in authority over men…” Did Paul really intend to drop a bomb that would forever exclude women from all levels of church leadership?

I don’t believe he did, and to borrow a cliché from movies and television, I’d like to share some steps we can take to “defuse the bomb” and encourage a more accurate understanding of Paul’s purpose in writing this “difficult passage”.On one step a man was reaching down to pull a woman up.

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