How do religious people explain carbon dating

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You’ve seen these rock layers if you’ve ever observed a cut-away section of a mountain, perhaps because a highway runs through it. In the early part of the 20th century, scientists still weren’t sure.

But Earth’s layers of rock did not give up the secret of Earth’s age easily. However, from working with layer upon layer of rock laid down on Earth over long time spans, early 20th century scientists came to believe Earth not of atoms of one chemical element into another.

They led to the discovery that certain very heavy elements could decay into lighter elements – such as uranium decaying into lead.

This work gave rise to a process known as radiometric dating.

The Bible tells of water being turned into wine, Jesus walking on water, the Nile becoming blood, Jonah living inside a fish for three days, Noah living to be 950 years old, demons being exorcised, and a few loaves and fishes feeding multitudes.

Each of these events is incompatible with the laws of physics, as understood today by science.

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What’s more, archeologists are aware of a number of ancient civilizations that survived through this period when the great flood was supposed to have occurred.In other words, if religious writings are continuously reinterpreted so that they conform to our ever deepening scientific understanding of physical reality, then of course science and religion will remain mostly out of conflict.