Is eddie murphy dating a white girl

20-Feb-2019 19:02

Get Out runs with Murphy's basic premise — that the black guy is never the protagonist in mainstream horror movies — and teases out the full implications.

On the surface, the joke is that white people act stupid in horror movies, and that black people would be smarter in those situations. But the deeper joke is that white people are so swaddled in privilege, they can't imagine anything bad could really happen to them when the house whispers "Get out!

," but black people, who get the shaft every day, are rightfully more paranoid.

For the younger crowd reading, yes, Eddie Murphy was once a cutting-edge stand-up comedian with something to say, not just the Nutty Professor.

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They shared two children together, Xavier, 18, and Eva, 11.

" I don't know if that's where Jordan Peele got the name for his killer new horror flick, Get Out, but it makes sense.

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