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I’ve taken to telling people I’m the kicker for the football team. Wrong, people have believed me because of black stereotypes. This is like asking if someone is wearing concealer, foundation, blush and three other types of makeup.Next year, I think I’ll tell people I’m part of the golf team because they get to travel to warm places for competitions. At the time you ask it may seem like a good question to ask, but you’ll regret your mistake for a very long time.If I’m being completely honest, I could write for days about being black in Laramie, and most of it would be funny.Fortunately for you, I picked the encounters I usually laugh about with my friends and family.On the other hand, people never assume I’m in college because of my academics or by my own merit.Before coming to UW, nobody had ever assumed that I could play basketball or run track.We live in a time where discrimination based on skin color should not even be a thing.I should not be getting on my soapbox about issues that have to do with skin color, sexual orientation, or gender.

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It’s nice when people think I look athletic enough to play Division I sports (especially since our women’s basketball team is on point).

To some, my complaints are menial and I should “get over it.” My challenge to those people, consider how frustrating and tiring dealing with conversations every day about race wears on you. Everyone notices skin color, it is impossible not to.

I know, this would require you to see outside of your own experience. It is one of the first things you notice about a person.

When I decided to come to the University of Wyoming, my parents joked about the lack of black people in Laramie.

Little did I know, I would have stories for every family get-together for the next four years.Understand that these comments occur frequently, and we’re more than happy to unpack some of the feelings that accompany what we discuss. If you kill someone unjustly you should go to jail.

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