Linksys router validating identity

02-May-2019 21:07

The Fon Visitor will be able to connect to the Fon Spots after registration to the Fon Network and payment of the Fon Pass as established in the Fon Visitor clause.

Rights and Obligations of the Fon Members If you register as a Fon Member you understand that as a result of connecting a Fon Router to the Fon Network and registering with Fon, you will create a Fon Spot.

If you do not agree to these TOU, you may not access the Fon service, so please refrain from using it.

Fon Wireless Limited (hereinafter, “Fon” “us”), is a company registered in the UK with company number 5661131 located at 25 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4AB, United Kingdom.

Any information or data collected or stored by Fon is subject to Fon’s Privacy Policy.

Description of Fon Services The services provided by Fon consist of: The Fon Members and the Fon Visitors can connect to the Fon Network through any Fon Spot when these are available.

To connect to the Fon Network, you will have to select a Fon Spot, and through the Fon Website or Fon Access Portal, introduce your username and password.

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This is essential for other users to access the Service.

You agree to install Fon Software following the instructions provided in our manual published in our website.

You accept and agree that Fon is not responsible for any failure or damage arising from the incorrect installation of Fon Software.

You must register with the Fon Network using the web form on our Site and Portal, providing full and correct information.

You will have the opportunity to choose a unique username, and you must remember this username or else store it in a safe place.If you become aware of any aspect of Fon Hardware, Fon Software, or the Fon Service which has or is likely to cause damage, or allow damage to be caused, you will inform creating a support ticket from our online end user Help Center.