Lync presence not updating

31-Mar-2019 17:59

If a different camera is connected to the HDX 4000 system, the HDX 4000 system will turn off (if powered on) or will not power on if in a powered off state.The HDX system enables you to select a 4:3 aspect ratio when an Eagle Eye Director is selected, even though it is not a supported aspect ratio.To release chair control, highlight all the participants in the Meeting Participants window and select HDX systems can share presence information with up to 200 Contacts.If a remote site attempts to invite the HDX system as a Contact after it has reached its limit of 200 Contacts, the HDX system rejects the invitation but does not display a warning message to the local user.

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H.320 endpoints connected to RMX system conferences do not receive content from HDX systems connected via SIP to the same RMX system conference when the connection rates differ significantly between the HDX and the H.320 endpoints.

When an HDX system hosting a multipoint call is connected to the maximum number of video endpoints, the Place A Call screen displays Add Video Call instead of Add Audio Call.

The HDX system will be able to connect to an additional audio endpoint, but will not be able to connect to another video endpoint.

Users can send content after the adjustment or calibration is completed.

When the Eagle Eye Director is in a point-to-point or multipoint call with an RMX 2000/4000 series system, version 7.2, the switch between People View and Room View causes flashes of white video on the far side.

The Eagle Eye Director has a range of approximately 10 feet, or 3 meters, when it has panned to a 90-degree angle.