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Think ambulatory care and hospitals, police, military personnel and fire departments.

The music business is often overlooked when it comes to autocratic leaders.

While autocratic leadership is one of the least popular management styles, it’s also among the most common.

The autocratic leadership process generally entails one person making all strategic decisions for subordinates.

Although some — like Attila the Hun, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin — were maniacal tyrants, many autocratic leaders were innovators who revolutionized industries and advanced societies.

The combination of progressive ideas, self-determination and autocratic leadership led to some of history’s most significant events.

Outstanding gridiron coaches such as Bill Belichick, Bear Bryant, Bill Parcells and Woody Hayes belong on the list of autocratic leaders.

None of these coaching legends managed their football programs with democracy in mind, yet all succeeded fabulously in their careers.

The autocratic style was made famous by certain military and political leaders, sports coaches and Industrial Age icons.

At the opposite extreme, Huey Long and Richard Daley — political bosses of Louisiana and Chicago, respectively — gained immense popularity in their states even as they violated all kinds of laws, including, reportedly, murder.

President Abraham Lincoln is sometimes categorized as an autocratic leader because of the many autonomous decisions he made throughout the Civil War.

Not only are they expected to make all the decisions, they’re expected to make all the right decisions.

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History paints a colorful picture of autocratic leaders.

In addition to sports, autocratic leadership works well in environments that require near-perfect accuracy, such as manufacturing.

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