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Fewer reporters employ a proofreader to lighten their load and essentially everyone agrees on one thing – HELP would be a good thing!We asked a few hundred scopists and several hundred reporters for feedback.For more information on exporting, zipping and emailing files as well as do’s and don’ts with various file types, go to, under “Scoping FAQs – ‘What the heck is RTF? Sound files and tapes are also an issue that comes up regularly.Many scopists work with tapes but there is usually a price difference due to increased referencing time spent.

msn messenger without updating-9

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The best system is for the reporter to translate their notes against the dictionary in their own CAT system, then export the file into an ASCII or RTF file where they then “zip” and email the file to the scopist.A professional scopist will know how to walk the reporter through the RTF conversion process or be able to let the reporter know that the two systems will not work well together.The reporter must be willing to work with the scopist to iron out little margin and formatting errors if they do occur.Audio Sync (known as files) and other audio files are normally much too large to send as an email attachment.

Instead, you will need to upload them to a storage place where your scopist can access and download them.When we questioned possible format changes that could occur, Judy Rakocinski (of Best Scoping and one of the founders of where a Scopists Support Group exists) answered, “This is true.