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The Redskins were on their way to their first division title in 13 years, with a budding superstar in Griffin. No one realized that the franchise was coddling the wrong guy.

"Kirk dealt with a lot that we don't know about," says Santana Moss, the former Redskins wide receiver. We all heard the whispers."Five years later, that locker room snub might seem like a petty thing to hold on to, an affront that has no relevance now.

Do you risk overpaying him because you believe the alternative might be significantly worse? But the initial offer, according to people briefed on it, was million a year, and Cousins was insulted.

Sitting in the cafeteria of the Redskins' practice facility in Ashburn, Virginia, after a recent workout, Cousins admits it has taken him years to believe in his own potential.

"A large number of quarterbacks have a confidence that is borderline out of touch with reality," he says. For me, it took playing and having experience to build that confidence."His reputation is certainly complicated by his habit of making mistakes in important moments, especially considering that he has played behind one of the NFL's best offensive lines, according to Football Outsiders.

Snyder and Allen were aware of the tension and sought to reassure Griffin that no matter what Cousins did, RG3 was still the Chosen One.

Cousins is polite and charming but also a fiery competitor who has been dismissed his entire football career as "just a guy." On that day, he soaked up the scene and tried not to let the snub bug him. When head coach Mike Shanahan heard what happened, he paid a visit to Snyder's office.

If Griffin had put up the same stats Cousins had, wouldn't he already have a substantial contract offer?

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