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Notice: Although some time has passed since version 18 was published, the project grows each day.

In due time this information will be made public by 38 North at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University. Version 18: Released June 25, 2009 Click here to Download Click on the screen shots above for larger images This Google Earth project offers an extensive mapping of North Korea’s economic, cultural, political, and military infrastructures.

This project would not be successful without your contributions.

Version 14: December 20, 2008-Additions include: Myohyangsan: Sangwon Hermitage, Pohyun Temple—Mt.

Teasong Fort Walls, Ryongnam Ship Repair Dock 2 (Nampo), Pyongyang zoo building for animals gifted to KJI, NLL island video, Pyongyang Catfish farm, Kaesong Market, Pyongyang Building Materials Factory, the Unryul Mine, and corrected technical errors in version 7.) Version 7: December 13, 2007-Additions Changes include: A Korean War folder featuring overlays of US attacks on the Sui Ho Dam, Yalu Bridge, and Nakwon Munitians Plant (before/after), plus other locations such as the Hoeryong Revolutionary Site, Ponghwa Revolutionary Site, Taechon reactor (overlay), Pyongyang Railway Museum, Kwangmyong Salt Works, Woljong Temple, Sansong Revolutionary Site, Jongbansan Fort and park, Jangsan Cape, Yongbyon House of Culture, Chongsokjong, Lake Yonpung, Nortern Limit Line (NLL), Sinuiju Old Fort Walls, Pyongyang open air market, and confirmed Pyongyang Intranet nodes.

Version 6: November 7, 2007-Changes include: Alleged Syrian nuclear site, Majon beach resort, electricity grid expansion, Runga Island in Pyongyang, Mt.

Version 9: March 13, 2008-Additions include: updated Yongbyong nuclear facilities, Songchon Barrage, Ponghwa Barrage, Sunchon Barrage, Mirim Barrage, Uiju Nam Gate, Chongju old fort wall, Pyongsan old fort wall, Kwaksan old fort wall, the original Pueblo location in Wonsan, and lots of markets in places such as Pyongyang, Wonsan, Nampo, Sinuiju, Haeju, and Sunchon.

Additionally the electricity grid was expanded and the thermal power plants have been better organized. Additional thanks go to Martyn Williams for expanding the electricity grid, particularly in Samjiyon, and various others who have contributed time improving this project since its launch.

Other locations: air force test bombing range, Kyo hwa so 1: Kaechon (overlay).

Most canals were eliminated from this version except the major projects on the west coast.

Version 10: May 26, 2008-Additions include: Expansion of infrastructure (railroads, electricity grid, elite areas, political monuments, burial mounds, dams, military facilities, and factories) in Hamhung, Chongjin, Sariwon, Raijin-Songbon (Rason) and other cities.

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Updates in Pyongyang: Pothonggang Exhibition Hall, Ssuk Island, Patriotic Martyrs Cemetary, Ostrich Farm, Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School, Kumsong School, Manyongdae 1,000 Seat Restaurant.

: Electricity grid expansion, Thaechon Youth Power Stations 1-5, Unha-2 Rocket launch image overlay, North Korean restaurants in Beijing Phom Penh, North Korean Embassies in Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sweden, Switzerland, Cuba, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Austrialia, Singapore, Russia, Austria, China, Malaysia, Britain, Iran, Uganda, Brazil, UN (New York and Geneva), North Korea’s Lighthouses (h/t Martyn Williams), Sungri Motor Plant, aviation waypoints, Kim Jong il statue (alleged), Ministry of Peoples (Public) Security, National Security Agency, Monuments in Africa by the Mansudae Overseas Development Group: Statue of Samora Machel (Mozmabique), Place d’arme (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso).