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Many years later, the landlord and resident of Sitzendorf , born in the town of Lichte, was honoured with the permission of re-establishing a porcelain factory in Sitzendorf on November 18th 1850.The newly-founded business quickly earned a very good reputation, but only a few years after opening it was nearly completely destroyed in a terrible blaze which left only the kilns operational.Nymphenburg has shown they can adapt to changing times and stay on top of the list of collectors all around the world. To sign in to leave a comment using your AB Verify User Name, fill in the form below.The Art Nouveau era brought an abundance of new pieces which show the reason why Nymphenburg is known as one of the best makers out there.Wackerle also made some super pieces as did many others.By then the East German state was not only drastically loosing ground politically; the financial situation of the whole state was catastrophic and the East German government slowly realized that large amounts of foreign currency would be needed to change the situation.

The now vacant area was used to build a new production complex and in 1974 the complete porcelain production was converted to primary use electricity - people knowing the many advantages of gas fired kilns of course instantly twitch at this thought.In 1958 the company was managed with government engagement as were most larger East German companies during that time.Due to the old fashioned production lines and the lack of skilled workers, productivity decreased more and more which resulted in a complete loss of competitiveness on the world market.The next years seemed quite promising but the disastrous effects of WWI followed later by the worldwide economoc crisis in the late twenties nearly ruined the company and so the Unterweißbach branch was closed in 1928.

In the year 1932 the situation began to stabilize under the leadership of the former authorized representatives .

But after that the East German state lost interest in the factory and over the next years, the factory slowly degraded as more and more urgently needed repairs and modernizations were simply ignored.

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