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I told my mom I was interested in taking ballet lessons and she gave a little laugh and explained that I was too young.This was probably a good decision because by the time I was a teen I was 6'-0" tall, not very coordinated and weighed about 180 lbs.I will use the word “foreign” when I speak of the women who the Pakistani men prey on.Many of those women want to marry a Pakistani man because most of them seem kind, sweet, charming, and debonair. The woman sees him as the man of her dreams, as he tends to treat her like a princess.

I also wanted to change the DNA of my children a bit, since I’m an ethnic Pashtun & we have had too many cousin marriages up the ancestry tree. To get that life, some seek out women in those countries for marriage. Many Pakistani men come to the US or the UK in search of a better life.:)) One of my sisters is a special, you know what I mean, & its probably due to consistent cousin marriages.

Long story short, I have fallen for a Saudi girl & she has equally fallen for me.

Although most of the women don’t know that the Pakistani man uses those qualities to trap them.