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” He does, in fact, resemble the singer if you’re looking for it, especially around his eyes, which are perpetually wary. Given up for adoption as a child, by his own admission he has wandered through life.

He has sold mortgages but hates the work; he’d rather be painting houses.

For Bob Dylan, it was just another stop on his Never-Ending Tour.

Maybe a little glitzier than the city parks and college auditoriums the singer often plays: His September 8, 2012 show was booked into Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Arena, the 10,000-seat facility inside one of the country’s largest casinos.

Tina has said she was friendly with Peter Thorkelson — better known as the future Monkee Peter Tork — and that she lived for a time in an apartment rented by Peter La Farge, whose “Ballad of Ira Hayes” would become a hit for Johnny Cash.

The late Richie Havens, in his memoir , wrote about learning a song called “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” from Michaels.

It’s one of the few places Michaels’s name appears in written records of the folk years.

He posted about his dilemma on Facebook and eventually heard from someone who had once known Tina. A few hours in the city archives turned up a marriage certificate for Tina and a man named Paul Cohen.

Will quickly found a current address for them in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood. * * * Three years later, sitting in the half-light of Tina’s bedroom, the De Vogues recalled their reunion.

Michaels was one of the guitarists who introduced others to “the hardcore blues,” Siebel recalls.

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