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A project shall be deemed “self-liquidating” if, in the judgment of the governing body, the revenues and earnings thereof and other special funds pledged therefor as provided in this part, will be sufficient to pay the cost of maintaining, repairing and operating the project and to pay the principal and interest of revenue bonds (as hereinafter defined) which may be issued to pay the cost of such project or improvements thereof.

The term “revenue bonds” shall mean the obligations issued by a unit under the provisions of this part to pay the cost of a self-liquidating project or improvements thereof or combination of one or more projects or improvements thereof, and payable from the earnings of such project, and any other special funds authorized to be pledged as additional security therefor under this part.

The term “governing body,” as applied to a county, shall mean the board of county commissioners, and as applied to a municipality, shall mean the council, commission or other board or body in which the general legislative powers of the municipality shall be vested.

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The word “causeway” shall mean any raised road or way over and across any marshy ground, swamp, river, bay or water in the state, the bridges or tunnels and structures connected therewith, and the approaches thereto and approach roads.The word “improvements” shall mean such repairs, replacements, additions, extensions and betterments of and to a project as are deemed necessary to place such project in proper condition for the safe, efficient and economic operation thereof, or necessary to preserve a project or to maintain adequate service to the public.