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And therefore the name of schismatics is given to those who will not submit to the supreme pontiff nor communicate with the members of the Church subject to him.Since the definition of Papal Infallibility , schism usually implies the heresy of denying this dogma. Such a one, however, would be more properly called rebellious than heretical. etc." It is psychologically interesting to note the turning-point or rather the breaking-point of faith in the autobiographies of seceders from the Church.In that case the doctrine is termed sententia de haeresi suspecta, haeresim sapiens ; that is, an opinion suspected, or savouring, of heresy (see THEOLOGICAL CENSURES). For the same reason, and proportionately, a thousand small sects have failed, whose names still encumber the pages of church history , but whose tenets interest only a few students, and whose adherents are nowhere.Heresy is a sin because of its nature it is destructive of the virtue of Christian faith. If from moral causes we pass to the intellectual, the first and most powerful is ignorance. Such were, in the Apostolic Age, the Judeo-Christians, Judeo-Gnostics, Nicolaites, Docetae, Cerinthians, Ebionites, Nazarenes, followed, in the next two centuries, by a variety of Syrian and Alexandrian Gnostics, by Ophites, Marcionites, Encratites, Montanists, Manichæans, and others.Its malice is to be measured therefore by the excellence of the good gift of which it deprives the soul. 3) arrives at the same conclusion thus: "All sin is an aversion from God. It is a more serious sin not to perform what one has promised than not to perform what one has not promised." It cannot be pleaded in attenuation of the guilt of heresy that heretics do not deny the faith which to them appears necessary to salvation, but only such articles as they consider not to belong to the original deposit. All the early Eastern sects fed on the fanciful speculations so dear to the Eastern mind, but, lacking the support of temporal power, they disappeared under the anathemas of the guardians of the depositum fidei .Now faith is the most precious possession of man, the root of his supernatural life, the pledge of his eternal salvation. A sin, therefore, is the greater the more it separates man from God. In answer it suffices to remark that two of the most evident truths of the depositum fidei are the unity of the Church and the institution of a teaching authority to maintain that unity. Arianism is the first heresy that gained a strong footing in the Church and seriously endangered its very nature and existence.

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Further, the opposition to an article of faith may not be strictly demonstrable, but only reach a certain degree of probability. Modernism fails to combine into a body separate from the Church because it lacks an acknowledged leader, because it appeals to only a small minority of contemporary minds, namely, to a small number who are dissatisfied with the Church as she now is, and because no secular power lends it support.The non-cogency of the motives of credibility may arise from three causes: the obscurity of the Divine testimony ( inevidentia attestantis ); the obscurity of the contents of Revelation; the opposition between the obligations imposed on us by faith and the evil inclinations of our corrupt nature. But far more effective in obscuring the mind and leading it into error is pride, which has, as it were, its home in Modernist doctrines. (Addis and Arnold, "A Catholic Dictionary", 7th ed., 1905, 54.) The Council of Nicaea anathematized the heresiarch, but its anathemas, like all the efforts of the Catholic bishops, were nullified by interference of the civil power.