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In a more detailed explanation: after you pass a certain part of the storyline you’ll find out that your MC has the ability to summon more than 1 Persona unlike his/her party members.Once you start collecting a good majority of Personas, eventually you will be able to fuse multiple Personas to get even stronger ones earlier.Usually, the general saying is three strike and you’re out right?Well fortunately for Atlus there are a lot of loyal Persona fanboys (and fanwomen respectively) that made it necessary for them to release yet another version of their popular Persona 3 game in North America (July 6, 2010) and Europe, since Japan got their greedy little hands on it first and things were looking prosperous.The main goals of SEES are to find out why the Shadows exist, and to combat the evil threat that they impose on victims of the “Dark Hour”.Those are the basics, just keep in mind, even though the game has you playing as a teenager attending high school, this game does have a mature setting.

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If you’re looking for a definitely new rendition of a great game then this might catch your fancy.Social Links are a big deal in P3P just like past Persona 3 titles.

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