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06-Feb-2019 02:19

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It was Christmas Day and life seemed perfect for Petra Nemcova.

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"Before the tsunami, I was always living my life in the future, making plans for what I should be doing.So she desperately tried to grab on to a palm tree, missing one, but catching a second one."I could see lots of people trying to do the same thing, waving and screaming, so much panic and suffering," she said.Her account of the horror at the resort will sound chillingly familiar for anyone who watched The Impossible, the acclaimed 2012 film starring Naomi Watts and Ewan Mc Gregor of the true-life of a Spanish family who were staying at the same resort as Nemcova and Atlee.

"They were one of the very families that I had seen from my window just before the tsunami hit and a scene of the film was shot in that exact spot," she said.

But by the end of Boxing Day, she was a badly-injured survivor of the Asian tsunami, clinging to a palm tree for several hours with a shattered pelvis.