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In particular, Facebook has a variety of groups targeted to expats in Belgium.

Often, there are folks who are looking to meet up in the ‘real’ world.

Some of my closest friends in Belgium are people who commented regularly on my blog or emailed me privately.

There are many others who I will likely never meet in person, but who have shared their expat experiences with me over the years.

We have a long list of hosts we still want to try (home cooked Mexican and Indian food anyone? Here are a few of the hosts we whole-heartedly recommend: Sign up for Bookalokal through us and receive €8 to spend on your first meal or class.

While one of the best things about being an expat is exposing yourself to new cultures, sometimes all you want is someone who understands your obscure cultural references (Raise your hand if you loved the Beachcombers).

Brush up on your French or Dutch so you can speak with your neighbours, or take a cooking class to learn more about Belgian cuisine. )The biggest benefit of taking a class is you will automatically have an interest in common with those around you.

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Here are some of the larger organizations operating in Brussels: One of the main things that helped me as a trailing-spouse was starting Cheese Web and becoming a part of the expat blog community.

Making lasting friendships is one of the keys to living a successful expat life. In fact, one of our most frequently asked questions is, “how do I meet people in Belgium?