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The cars were designed by John Stephenson of New Rochelle, New York, and constructed at his company in New York City.The earliest streetcars used horses and sometimes mules, usually two as a team, to haul the cars.Surviving examples may be found in both the Yucatan Problems with horsecars included the fact that any given animal could only work so many hours on a given day, had to be housed, groomed, fed and cared for day in and day out, and produced prodigious amounts of manure, which the streetcar company was charged with storing and then disposing.Since a typical horse pulled a streetcar for about a dozen miles a day and worked for four or five hours, many systems needed ten or more horses in stable for each horsecar.The first tram services in the world were started by the Swansea and Mumbles Railway in Wales, using specially designed carriages on an existing tramline built for horse-drawn freight dandies.Fare-paying passengers were carried on a line between Oystermouth, Mumbles and Swansea Docks from 1807.

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In spite of its early start, it took many years for horse-drawn streetcars to become widely acceptable across Britain; the American George Francis Train first introduced them to Birkenhead in 1860 but was jailed for "breaking and injuring" the highway when he next tried to lay the first tram tracks on the roads of London.An 1870 Act of Parliament overcame these legal obstacles by defining responsibilities and for the next three decades many local tramway companies were founded, using horse-drawn carriages, until replaced by cable, steam or electric traction.Many companies adopted a design of a partly enclosed double-decker carriage hauled by two horses.Princess Anne was pristine in purple as she sported a lilac coat with deep purple buttons and a dark hat.

Down below pheasant feathers, fascinators and fur adorned the heads and necklines of the female racing fans, with many opting to ignore the winter chill and flash their assets anyway.

Among those enjoying a thrilling day of jump racing were Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Phillips.