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11-May-2019 14:16

That is, you can't peer inside the pipeline unless you use Tee-Object.

This modification lets me see what happens after each pipeline command, and I quickly discover that my Filtered file contains nothing! A bit more research reveals the root cause of the problem—Start Mode is "Auto" not "Automatic"—and Tee-Object let me pinpoint exactly where the problem was occurring.

There is no actual calculation of percent completed; the Windows Power Shell is simply displaying the current value of $a followed by the string "% complete."I'm a big fan of writing scripts that communicate what they're up to.

It can take the form of verbose output or just a simple progress bar.

The percent complete shown here actually counts down from 100, since that's simply the Current Operation parameter I provided.A built-in shell variable, $Verbose Preference, controls this pipeline.The default value for this variable is Silently Continue, which suppresses verbose output.The top 3 posters of all time are punkyliar (with 28,757 posts), Web Chimp UK (with 28,311 posts) and Spilner (with 22,992 posts).

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I was recently writing a fairly long and complicated Windows Power Shell script that, as it was running, became fairly unresponsive.The shell only supports a single progress bar at a time.