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Name: Not Saying City: Seattle, WAComments: The best way to remove any & all unwanted hair is take your pick.

pluck it out/wax till it stops growing back or get an appointment at a laserhairremoval center look it up online to find one close & make sure they use the new droit laser that painlessly removes the hair in just 4-6 treatments 1 month apart each. Name: please reply City: london Comments: when using hair removal cream to remove hair from the stomch i reacted to it and have been brought up in a rash.

Remember that underarm hair responds best to waxing.

Name: navneet City: orissa Comments: well i am shaving since a very long time for my my hairs have gone quite coarse n i really dread shaving them now ..i am 22 yrs old..please recommend some way to decrease the pain associated.

I don't think she's trying to make any money coz I have gone for a package.

I live in England but getting my treatment here in India and she has assured me that all my hair would be removed in the span of three months.

Do you think its write for her to give me sittings 3 times a month I just read one of the queries from your list and you suggested someone that laser sittings should have a gap of one month.

I've been fine with mine since I stopped being a teenager (feeling pressured into it), and I am still found very attractive.i m 19 years old.i have a big a acne other problem my skins is not fresh.please help me and tell me what can i do for it.i m very thankful to u .i m very worried about my skin.Name: Arpita City: Kent Comments: Hi there, I am taking a laser treatment and this beauty clinic has given me 3 sittings in one month, as she says my hair grows back quickly.Not all of us have really thick hair on our chin, but even fine hair, if it is slightly long, is clearly visible.

Remember that chin hair, unlike hair on our arms, legs or even eyebrows, hangs down from below the chin and every time you have a conversation with someone, that person can see the hair on your chin.

Also, if my laser doesnt show any effects on my skin this time, would I be able to use katori wax when I go back to England and get rest of the sittings when I get back at the end of the year I hope I wouldnt lose the effect of laser after using wax on my skin. Thanks Kind Regards Ritu Name: Oluremi City: India Comments: I have read peoples' comments here, but I'm impress in what I have read, I've learnt many things about shaving and waxing hair.

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