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Throughout my life I’ve had to deal with these slights to my identity based on how I talk, or how I dress, or my interests, and I had to learn to brush them off and remain confident in my own authenticity as a black man.Here’s another aspect of Gumbel’s family history that intrigued me. Gates uncovered that Gumbel’s surname comes from a German Jewish community by way of his second great grandfather — a white man who arrived in Louisiana midway through the Civil War.Slave census records show that , by 1860 John Smyre Jr owned only one slave, a male in the same age range as my third great grandfather James Henry Johnson.Here’s a little bit of what I’ve learned about my fifth great grandfather Johannes Schmeirer Sr.

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I was less angry about what he’d said, and more angry about what he’d meant. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to someone like that? What he meant, was that he didn’t consider me authentically black.Additionally, according to Find A Grave records, John Jr.