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20-Jul-2019 02:43

And I think that is a completely rational and understandable conclusion for them to arrive at — that is what they have been told.Unfortunately, the sexual double standard — this mindset that boys and men are expected and even encouraged to be sexually active even in an uncontrolled manner while girls and women are supposed to be minimally sexual – these young women are clashing against that predominant mindset.They think, Oh I can circulate a certain image of myself as sexual and hot and slutty in a good way, and I can totally control it because I'm uploading stuff and I'm liking this and writing on that person's wall and Instagramming this, and they feel like they have total control.Until the day comes when they don't have total control, and all the digital evidence of being a good slut gets reshaped to prove that they're a bad slut. And also digital culture and social media have made it so much easier than ever before for people who want to damage the reputation of another.,is a deep dive into how online culture and social media have reshaped the landscape for girls and young women.

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I heard this again and again and again from my younger interviewees.

But today if you want to hurt somebody, you can do it totally anonymously. It seems like women and girls can't win — we're sluts or we're prudes, and even if we own and enjoy our sexuality, it can still be used against us. On the other hand, I am concerned about their safety — and the safety of all of us, as this isn't just about young women. The main thing I say to girls is that if you want to project a "good slut" identity, just be really careful.

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