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In the wake of this ruling, Governor Calvo has suggested that two ballots be held: one for the Chamorro People and one for eligible U. The United Nations is in favor of greater self-determination for Guam and other such territories.

The UN's Special Committee on Decolonization has agreed to endorse the Governor’s education plan.

The 110th Congress returned the Commissioner's power to vote in the Committee of the Whole, but not on matters where the vote would represent a decisive participation. presidential elections, provided they reside in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia and not in Puerto Rico itself. Most Puerto Rico residents do not pay federal income tax but do pay federal payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare). This is a history-making moment where voters asked to move forward." Several days after the referendum, the Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, Governor Luis Fortuño, and Governor-elect Alejandro García Padilla wrote separate letters to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, addressing the results of the voting.

Puerto Rico has elections on the United States presidential primary or caucus of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party to select delegates to the respective parties' national conventions although presidential electors are not granted on the Electoral College. However, federal employees, those who do business with the federal government, Puerto Rico–based corporations that intend to send funds to the U. Pierluisi urged Obama to begin legislation in favor of the statehood of Puerto Rico, in light of its win in the referendum.

The commission's May 2016 report states: "With academics from the University of Guam, [the Commission] was working to create and approve educational materials.

The Office of the Governor was collaborating closely with the Commission" in developing educational materials for the public. 43 of The Federalist Papers, James Madison considered the implications of the definition of the "seat of government" found in the United States Constitution.

The Puerto Rican status referendum of 2017 originally offered only two options: Statehood and Independence/Free Association, however a "current territorial status" was added before the referendum took place. 3.5 million citizens seeking an absolute democracy," he told the news media. In a 1982 plebiscite, voters indicated interest in seeking commonwealth status but seemed not to understand the ramifications of such a change.

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On January 15, 2014, the United States House of Representatives approved .5 million in funding to hold a referendum.This referendum was boycotted by the other two parties of opposition. A majority of those voting signaled the desire to change the current territorial status.Since 1898, Puerto Rico has had limited representation in the United States Congress in the form of a Resident Commissioner, a nonvoting delegate. federal taxes: import and export taxes, federal commodity taxes, social security taxes, therefore contributing to the American Government. In a second question an even larger majority asked to become a state. It will demand the attention of Congress, and a definitive answer to the Puerto Rican request for change.If the majority voted for Independence/Free Association, a second vote would have been held to determine the preference: full independence as a nation or associated free state status with independence but with a "free and voluntary political association" between Puerto Rico and the United States. That document might cover topics such as the role of the US military in Puerto Rico, the use of the U. currency, free trade between the two entities, and whether Puerto Ricans would be U. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum or the bill on drafting a constitution, action by Congress would be necessary to implement changes to the status of Puerto Rico under the Territorial Clause of the United States Constitution. Guam (formally the Territory of Guam) is an unincorporated and organized territory of the United States. Governor Eddie Baza Calvo intended to include one during the island's November 2016 elections but it was delayed again. In 2013, the Commission began seeking funding to start a public education campaign.

The specifics of the association agreement would be detailed in the Compact of Free Association that would be negotiated between the U. If the majority of Puerto Ricans were to choose the Free Association option – and only 33% voted for it in 2012 – and if it were granted by the US Congress, Puerto Rico would become a Free Associated State, a virtually independent nation. This could give Puerto Rico a similar status to Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau, countries which currently have a Compact of Free Association with the United States. Located in the western Pacific Ocean, Guam is one of five American territories with an established civilian government. A Commission on Decolonization was established in 1997 to educate the people of Guam about the various political status options in its relationship with the U. There were few subsequent developments until late 2016.In a separate question, 61% of voters supported statehood (excluding the 26% of voters who left this question blank). Congress in the form of a Resident Commissioner, a delegate with limited no voting rights. Congress directed local government to organize a constitutional convention to write the Puerto Rico Constitution in 1951. Under Puerto Rico Law, these ballots are not considered cast votes and are therefore not reflected in the final tally.