Updating cabinetry

09-Jun-2019 22:05

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Hi All, Last week we took a peek at my Shabby to Chic Master Bathroom Makeover. If you missed it you can find it by clicking the link in the previous sentence. I knew I wanted to dress them up and the center panel was just begging for something special.

So, some of you may be wondering, what does it mean for paint to cure? Basically, if a painted piece does not have time to cure, anything you apply as a top coat can ruin the finish. After waxing, I added new hardware to the drawers and doors.After more than three hours on the phone with my hosting company, though, it looks like my site is up and running again. So today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite kitchen updates that is small but makes a huge impact – trim and molding! Now there’s no way I could have painted the cabinets myself – way beyond my skill set – so I hired a painter/woodworker for the project.He suggested that I add crown molding to the top of the cabinets and trim to the bottom to update them.I smoothed out any wrinkles or bubbles with a “smoother“.

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Can you believe this is actually the technical name for this piece?Working in small areas at a time, I applied the paint with a brush and then quickly wiped off a lot of the paint with a rag.