Updating cell phone tower list

05-Apr-2019 02:23

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SIM cards are not bound to the phone and contain the subscriber’s information including their telephone number and on a side note can also be used by the user to save contacts to as well.

A SIM card is NOT a memory card or SD card but it is a very important factor in some phones when they are getting an Emergency Calls Only error message as it is the thing that connects a phone to the mobile network.

If someone else in your family or social network has the same service provider as you do then you can also try your SIM card in their phone and there SIM card in your phone to try and pinpoint whether it’s a software or hardware problem.

If you remove the SIM card from your phone and insert it into their phone and their phone works fine you can rule out the SIM card as the problem.

If you feel that this might be the case then you can find out if your phone was reported stolen by contacting your wireless provider and asking them about the status of your device.

Well there is little point in owning a cell phone if it has no service.

If you were to remove the SIM card from a phone that was working perfectly fine then that phone would no longer have any service and would display an Emergency Calls Only error message.

So check your SIM, if your phone has one, and make sure that there is no signs of damage and that the connectors are clean.

If you are using a SIM card that you have had for a while, which can be common as SIM cards can be used from phone to phone, then you might want to get a replacement anyways.

Replacing your SIM card every couple of years is usually a pretty good practice as it will keep your SIM up to date with the latest technologies.Wait for the phone to power on all the way and then try your cell phone to see if it’s working properly.

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