Updating cell tower information

19-Jan-2019 17:44

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A cellular signal booster works by amplifying signal from a “donor” antenna.

The donor antennna is usually installed outdoors, often on the roof.

The gain of your booster kit comes primarily from two components: the amplifier and the outdoor donor antenna.

Most boosters are limited to between 64 d B and 72 d B gain by the FCC, however, single-carrier devices can amplify signal by up to 100 d B.

Once the new computers are ready for delivery, ITS technology support staff will contact faculty and staff directly to set up a mutually-convenient time to deliver the new equipment.

ITS staff will transfer data from the old computer to the new one.

Configuration options: Faculty and staff can choose between standard-model Apple Macs or Dell PCs, in either desktop or laptop configurations (subject to change each year): Configurations are carefully chosen to meet the current academic and business needs.

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You will also need to provide a CFOAP to cover the cost of a 2-year service warranty, after gaining the needed approval/authorization from your dean/director/department head.

Directional antennas, such as “yagi antennas,” provide higher gain by targeting signal reception in one direction.

The end result is a stronger signal for your booster to amplify, and thus better coverage.

DRP Phases Computer replacements occur twice a year.

When computers become eligible for replacement, the faculty and staff will be contacted via e-mail and directed to a Web form listing their options.If you have strong signal outdoors of over -70 d Bm, skip down to our recommendations for users with strong outdoor signal.