Updating my address book scam

23-Feb-2019 02:54

However, this method allows storage and access of all emails from a single main account, although to manage forwarding for some services the user has to remember the password for each alias.

A variation is to use a catch-all address, then forward to the real mailbox using wildcards.

In a time when email spam has become an everyday nuisance, and when identity theft threatens, DEAs can serve as a convenient tool for protecting Internet users.

Disposable email addresses can be cancelled if someone starts to use the address in a manner that was not intended by the creator.

Additionally, because access has been narrowed down to one contact, that entity then becomes the most likely point of compromise for any spam that account receives (see "filtering" below for exceptions).

This allows users to determine firsthand the trustworthiness of the people they share their DEAs with.

The text of the tag may be used to apply filtering, or to create single-use addresses.

If available, this feature can allow users to create their own Another approach is to register one main and many auxiliary email addresses, which will forward all mail to the main address, i.e., the auxiliaries are used as aliases of the main address.

Later, the owner can determine whether to update the recipient or not.Such disposable addresses are generally provided by a service company (paid or free) that forwards mail from the DEA to the actual address, but email sub-addressing techniques can also be used to provide a subset of similar advantages.

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