Who is bella dating in real life

25-Mar-2019 09:59

“It baffles me why rumors are made up about who I am dating when I’ve always been upfront and open about my personal life,” she writes.

The supermodel unfollowed Gomez on Instagram just hours after the former Disney star and her ex were spotted kissing. Yolanda seemed thrown off by the question."Are you kidding? This is like," she said before simply smiling and pointing at Cohen.

They publicly confirmed their romance by stepping out together in their black-tie best and huge smiles at fashion prom, a.k.a.

The two are now officially an item, with the pair making their relationship official on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

“#mcm to this insanely talented punk bunny,” she writes, adding telling hashtags: “#mine #mancrush #always” BELLA GIVES FANS A LOOK INTO THEIR TEXTING CONVOS actress’s social accounts knows she has a penchant for silly humor, so it came as no surprise when Thorne posted a short clip of herself burping on Twitter, and captioned it: “If you ever wondered what our texts consist of.” Posey drops the L bomb once more when wishing his girlfriend a happy 20th birthday. Sorry I was a couple hours late, I was too distracted by your face.” TYLER & BELLA SPEND THEIR FREE TIME AT THE POOL The former Disney star and her boyfriend continue their social media displays of affection, with Thorne naming Posey her “Man Crush Monday,” sharing a photo from the weekend of the duo soaking up the sun on a pink swan pool float.

“I love these women,” writes Posey, captioning a pic with Thorne and an adorable pup. “Pool vibes with my baby,” the 19-year-old captioned the sexy snap.

BELLA & TYLER ARE CAUGHT KISSING ON CAMERA On September 17, the stars — who at first kept mum about their relationship status — were photographed holding hands and kissing.