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03-Apr-2019 23:13

Mc Gregor said he bought the mink coat earlier in the day: “I woke up and I was sweating, it was so f*cking hot in New York,” Mc Gregor said.

“We went to Fifth Avenue, and I found this and thought, ‘F*ck it, I’m gonna go topless and wear this coat.” Mc Gregor ate up the noise of the crowd as he came in and took his seat on the stage. I’ll anticipate both [him being aggressive or fighting defensive]. But make no mistake: He’ll be unconscious, that is a fact.” Not to be outdone, Mayweather entered the arena draped in an Irish flag, before tossing it aside on the stage—no doubt to rouse Mc Gregor. "I threw one at him yesterday, so I let him get away with it today," Mc Gregor said to Both fighters got in each other’s faces throughout the event, with Mc Gregor trying to flick off Mayweather’s hat at one point. Small details that people don't even see, I can see.

Not surprising that, since the casino drop from high rollers and sports punters will guarantee a bonanza for everyone.

Mayweather is on a minimum certainty of 0million (£78m), plus the upside on high sales by Showtime, the major US cable network.

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"If it does break the record, it’s gonna be a record of my own. I want you to take this and listen to it, and learn. But once the bait was out there, I had to come back. I control the chess board.” These guys are ready to get into the ring. I'm getting in super-shape.” Dana White said he's been worried the two might go at it on stage—which is why he makes sure he's always there to break up any scuffle. Mc Gregor came out first with his usual brash, cocky, and confident attitude, showing up shirtless wearing a mink coat, pajama-like pants, and sunglasses.A bold choice, even given the “F-You” suit he wore previously in Los Angeles.On Monday, a report emerged indicating that Floyd Mayweather currently owes the IRS a large amount of money ​due to a lingering tax liability from back in 2015.

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According to that report, Mayweather has filed a petition in a tax court asking for a reprieve from making any payments to the IRS until he fights Conor Mc Gregor on Aug.

He told his followers to "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, especially when it comes to the media in this country," and he also made it seem as though he doesn’t have any issues with the IRS from back in 2015.